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February 17th, 2009, 8:01 pm

The Launch of LockDown!

Fit like?!!
Tadaa! This is the launch of LockDown, my first webcomic. Actually, this is the second launch, but my first website was so amateurish it was embarassing! So here is a bigger and better website! Whooh!
So this is the deal. I've uploaded the first five pages of issue one as a start, and every month I add at least five more. I'm already half way through the next set, so they should be up around the beginning of March!
I'm a very busy lassie at the moment. As well as doodling every chance I get, I'm also writing my final dissertation for my degree. I'm doing Psychology, which is really cool, but 8,000 word essays are not fun!
Fortunately, I've got the Six Nations rugby tournament to distract me! It's already half way through and sadly, Scotland are not doing well... again. My favourite player, Nathan Hines, is out injured, which is annoying! Plus, to add to my fustration, my favourite England player, Simon Shaw (sigh) can't seem to get a game!
Oh yes, I'm rugby mad! You may have noticed that, what with my main character being a rugby player. Lock (my favourite position) is actually based on Hines and Shaw. He has Hine's looks, and Shawsy's frame. How sad... x

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