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March 23rd, 2009, 4:04 am

Updates (kinda)

Fit like!
Sorry, I've been in a spot of radio silence, I have had a very busy couple of weeks. BUT!!! now I'm all poised to pop up the next set of pages. I've already started the first two so if I stick hard at it, they should be up by the start of next week!
Well, I've been a mad loon! My dissertation finally got handed in (a day early!!! that never happens to me!), me and my boyfriend have found a new flat to live in and we're moving hopefully by the end of the week, and sadly the Six Nations is now over! Scotland finished 5th, which is very disappointing, but oh well. I'm now shifting my focus to the Lions tour in May (I'll be finished all my exams so I can sit back and enjoy it! Whooh!)
I also had a slight scare, with the bank and 'fraudsters' but it turned out ok too! Must have been just a fault in the system or something!
My application for art school is off! I'm just losing my fingernails waiting for a reply... then I need to organise a PORTFOLIO!!! Please help! but I'm so lucky I have wonderful friends and family who are supporting me so well!
Anyhoo, enough gabbin'. Look out for the next set of pages, as said they should be up by next week. And you know I never break a promise!


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