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March 31st, 2009, 5:21 am


Fit like!
Sorry about the rushed news post! I was up till the back of one last nite trying to get the pages finished and up lol. I'm sleepy zzzz. But I can't sleep because... ITS MOVING DAY! Me and my rugger hugger (eewww) are moving back into the centre of town... back to civilisation at last whooh!
So I am very sorry about the bizarre lettering this month.. like I said in the last post, I was overkean with the inking and forgot the words half the time. the other half is not exactly the neatest writing either. I'll improve it next time PROMISE!!!
I really like the one page piece with the flowers and white rope. I'm a big fan of Arina Tanemura and Joe Quesada (I envy them!!!) so that page is kinda like a homage to their work, and my jealousy lol.
We're startin to actually get into the story now. I'm hoping to get more pages done per month in the summer holidays so hopefully we will get onto the next issue sooner!
However, this month I'm gonna be concentrating on my art school portfolio (I have a date for my presentation but its secret lol!) and my lovely EIGHT exams!!! But by the 13th of May it'll all be over and I'll be free... FREE!
Anyhoo, I've been ranting. Thank you to everyone for viewing my comic, and thank you to schtolz for the lovely comment! Please, everybody leave some nice comments (no nasty ones please, I'm of a fragile disposistion....) and Kimby will be happy!
Bye bye

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